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Guest Post – Dessert adventures: chocolate floater (snortsnortguffaw)

A post about one of my irregular forays into desserts. Although the name might make you think of the pool scene in caddyshack, this is an Australian classic and the recipe is one I finagled out of my mum a … Continue reading

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Delicious Carrot Dip and Easy Edamame Spread

A friend of mine recently asked me to post something a) vegetarian, b) easy to make, and c) appealing to children. That’s rather a tall order you might think, but I do have the perfect solution(s). For a start I … Continue reading

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How do you like your recipes?

The process of actually writing down recipes and having to explicate cooking methods has brought up a point of style that I’ve never really had to think about before. Do you prefer to read a recipe where the list of … Continue reading

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Store-cupboard suppers no. 1: Moroccan stewed lentils

The family and I were in Marrakesh recently. One midday, we found ourselves walking down a dusty street just outside the medina walls; it was school lunchtime, and lots of boys – all around 5- to 7-years – were snaking … Continue reading

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Burger Me (with two kinds of meat)

Another weekend, another session on the minced meat. This time we had a request for burgers from the Mayola kitchen from Andy (well actually, he wanted to get a burger from Bang in Shoreditch, but I persuaded him we could … Continue reading

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Minced Beef Wellington

Minced beef wellington One of my friends caught my attention the other day when she said she’d eaten a minced beef wellington, and it was pretty close to a giant Cornish pasty. How can you go wrong with a giant … Continue reading

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